Daves Sonar

Demos and Training

Training is a major part of what we do at Dave’s Sonar.  This is done through our structured course (Innovations 101) as well as the sharing of ideas and techniques through articles and tutorials.  Our approach is to expose the person to all the latest technologies and innovations.  Then, we demonstrate how to use all of these innovations, in concert, to locate more fish. It takes hands-on practice and experience to truly master it.  This is exactly how our course is structured.

Innovations 101 is a one-day course.  It begins in the classroom where we:

  1. explore several innovative methods of studying a lake and identifying high probability areas using free resources such as contour maps, satellite images, and specialized software. If you are like most of us, you spend more time at home thinking about fishing than actually on the lake fishing.  These resources make fun and productive use of this time.
  2. Get hands-on practice with the equipment that we will be using once we get on the water.
  3. Formulate a fish-finding plan for the day including areas to survey, methods and tools to use, and what we hope to find.

Once on the water, you will get hands-on practice with the technologies that we were not able to demonstrate in the classroom.

Next, you will execute the game-plan that you came up with in the classroom.  You will use all the tools at your disposal and locate fish.  I will be there only in a supporting roll and to enjoy the time on the water.

In addition to resources that we worked with in classroom, you will leave here with access to other tools and tutorials related to the technologies that we used.

Who would benefit from the Innovations 101 course?

  1. If you are considering buying a new boat or adding new technologies to your rig — you would benefit!  It is important to be exposed to all the innovations available, their compatibility to existing equipment, and your long-term objectives – before making an investment.
  2. If you want to learn how to get more out of the equipment that you already own — you would benefit!
  3. If you want to get more out of your pre-fishing strategies off the water — you would benefit!  You should never launch the boat without a game-plan.

“If you want to learn all the features of a device — read the owner’s manual.  If you want to know how to use all of the tools at your disposal to locate fish — Innovations 101 is the right choice.”

Here’s an off-the-water example.  How cool would it be to drain some of the water from the lake to reveal fish-holding structure and cover?  Click and drag the arrow on the right side of the image below.  As you drag left, many high-probability areas are revealed.

Immediately, we can see an old dam, points, humps, and standing timber that are likely holding fish.  These spots can be marked.  Then using specialized software, these marks could be transferred right into your depth finder as waypoints.  This could be done from the comfort of your home.  Then you would be able to park your boat right on top of these potential hot-spots when you get to the lake.

Technologies covered in the Innovations 101 course:

  • Mapping
    • Contour map and satelite image study
    • Waypoint management
    • LIVE mapping
  • GPS Driven Trolling Motors
  • Traditional Sonar
    • 2D
    • Down Imaging
    • Side Imaging
  • Mega 360
  • LIVE Sonar
    • Garmin LiveScope
    • Humminbird MegaLive
  • Integrated Downriggers


Innovations 101 price – $299

Senior and other package discounts are available.

Ongoing Training

Each week I spend time on the water surveying, testing new techniques, and doing reasearch for articles.  This is a perfect time to ride-a-long.  You will be able to turn some knobs, ask questions, and learn from what ever the objective of the day may be.

For more information see Ride-A-Long.